Tuesday With Karen

Praise Him In The Storm
 Praise Him in the storm, if it toils & rages,
Cling to the One called the Rock of Ages;
His foundation is very safe and secure,
His presence within us forever endures!
 Praise Him in the storm, if raging winds blow,
Call upon His name, wherever you may go;
He always listens if our knee bows in prayer,
Nothing can match His sweet love and care!
Praise Him in the storm, even if teardrops fall,
Remembering always, that He is Lord over all;
Nothing ever happens His grace can’t control,
We’re so wise, to give it all to Him to hold!
Praise Him in the storm, as we seek His face,
In the midst of it all, He gives amazing grace;
The Lord is able to guide & lead us through,
We’ll give His name glory, in all that we do!


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