Tuesday With Karen

The Real Reason?

The real reason Christmas ever really began,

Is because Christ came down, to live as a man;

It was part of God’s plan in showing us His love,

In sending Christ to us, to live & shed His blood!

The real reason Christmas remains a great day,

Is to celebrate our Jesus being born as a babe;

God sent down His only begotten Son,

To provide our salvation by all He’d done!?

The real reason Christmas, to us, was given,

Is because of God’s love up in Heaven;

He sent His only Son to die on Calvary’s cross,

Paying for our sins, so no man would be lost!

Jesus is the reason Christmas started years ago,

The greatest gift given for us to come to know;

If He hadn’t been sent to the manger as a babe,

This holiday would have nothing to celebrate!