Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

He’s Our Very Present Help

He’s our very present Help, when trouble comes to pass,

He gives us peace & mercy that will forever last;

The Alpha & Omega, the Beginning & the End,

There is nothing God cannot handle or defend!

He’s our very present Help, in all things that take place,

He knows everything, & who needs His awesome grace;

He lived in the past, in the present & future as well,

Even in the valley, He cares for us as we dwell!

He’s our very present Help, when our heart needs His touch,

Just to feel His presence matters so very much;

He hears every word our heart tries to pray,

Even when we can’t find any words at all to say!

He’s our very present Help, our sins, by love, He forgives,

He is in the future before us, leading us as we live;

As long as we are upon this old earth to dwell,

God’s word assures us, He’s our very present Help!

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