Tuesday With Karen

He Hears When We Cry

He hears when we cry, even if we don’t shed tears,

When we speak to the Lord, He always hears;

He knows our every thought, deep down within,

Life is so much brighter when we listen to Him!

He hears when we cry, even if words aren’t spoken,

He knows our heart, even when it’s hurting & broken;

He understands how we’re designed & composed,

The answers we need, His wisdom always knows!

He hears when we cry, if it’s day or darkest night,

When we cry to Him, it’s going to be alright;

We may see troubles & trials come our way,

He gives perfect peace when we stop to pray!

He hears when we cry, in all problems or needs,

God is moved by joy to find us on our knees;

When His children pray, God has patience & time,

He shows His sweet love when He hears us cry!

by Karen Icenhour

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