Little Things

By Meagan Davis

Everyone Has a Story

At this time during camp, I would be just getting to know my campers. I would be doing a short survey during devotions just to learn a little more about them. I would ask questions like “What do you want to be when you grow up” and “When is your birthday?” I would also ask about salvation and areas that they want to see God change in their lives. All this is so that I can get to know their story.

“Everyone has a story.”
This is a phrase that was often said in our team meetings every Monday. It was something that I didn’t think about much until I was placed face to face with loving people every week whether I wanted to or not. The story could be a comedy, romance, or many times a tragedy, but sometimes, I am so quick to jump to conclusions instead of seeing the needs in peoples life. It’s easy to judge by appearance or speech or attitude. But it’s not easy to love just like Jesus commands us to. During His ministry, Christ went searching for the unlovable. He healed lepers, caused the blind to see, made the lame to walk. He defended an adulteress. He associated with a woman from Samaria. All of these were outcasts. They were the ones who everyone looked down on, but Jesus looked at them with compassion. But many times, we ignore people and the love they need to be shown. We may look on them with pity, but do we care enough to do anything about it? Do we really show them Christ-like love?
At camp, it was easy to love those placed in my cabin because I had to. And I thoroughly enjoyed it! I have so many sweet friendships now with girls that I never would have met had it not been for camp. I got to love on girls who just needed a friend. They needed to know that someone cared. My real test though comes at home, school, and anywhere else this life may take me. Maybe there is a person with a story I already know. Or maybe it’s a person who I just meet because of Divine intervention. Whoever I may come into contact with I have to decide to love the unlovable and remember that everyone has a story.

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