Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

He’s True To His Promises

He’s true to His promises, from beginning to end,

Every word He has said, will be honored by Him;

God keeps everything His word has spoken,

There is not even one letter He has ever broken!

He’s true to His promises, each minute of the day,

There’s not a situation His love will forsake;

Anything He says, we’ll always see Him do,

He is so very faithful in leading us through!

He’s true to His promises, He’ll never falter or fail,

His faithfulness is real, & will forever prevail;

Our sinful frame makes us stumble with mistakes,

Yet any word He speaks, He will never forsake!

He’s true to His promises, leads us by His own hand,

All He does for us, much more than we understand;

Man might betray & hurt us as we walk along,

Nothing He says or does to us will ever be wrong!

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