Sometimes, we just need to be reminded of who Jesus is:

·         The Word: He pitched His tent with us and put flesh on God’s promises. John 1

·         Son of God: He’s got the whole world in His hands. Matthew 16:16

·         Son of Man: He knows our sorrows up close and personal. Matthew 17:12

·         Son of David: He loved His people, even if they didn’t recognize Him. Matthew 1:1

·         Teacher: He tells us what we need, even if it’s not what we want to hear. John 3:2

·         Provider: He can make a little go a long way. Mark 6

·         Mediator: He’s right in the middle of our struggles, pleading our case. 1 Tim.2:5

·         Suffering Servant: He got busted up for us. Isaiah 53

·       Lion of Judah: He can take care of His enemies with just His roar. Rev. 5:5

·        Counselor: He’s the cure for our addictions and struggles. Isaiah 9:6

·        Immanuel: He never gets tired of being with us. Isaiah 7:14

·         King of Kings: He has all power. Rev. 17:14

·         Good Shepherd: He patiently and lovingly tracks down His runaways. John 10:11

·         Friend of Sinners: He offers grace to those stumbling around in darkness. Matthew 11:9


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