Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

Why Worry, My Child?

Why worry, my child? Your life is in My hands,
My grace is there, for all you don’t understand;
Life may send troubles with extra special needs,
My love & care is there, providing sweet victory!
Why worry, my child? My word is yours to receive,
Costing you nothing, just trust in Me & believe;
Every promise I made still holds true today,
And I listen each time you seek My face & pray!
Why worry, my child? I’ll never leave you alone,
I watch over you daily, & know what’s going on;
In the shadow of My wings will be your refuge,
Until your calamities are passed over & through!
Don’t worry, my child, I hold you within My hands,
Nothing can happen before hearing My command;
Trust in Me fully, in all trials, great and small,
For when you do, you won’t need to worry at all!
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