Tuesday With Karen

10251921_10202188204966731_3580872110139598899_nby Karen Icenhour

Grace Much Greater

He gives you grace much greater than your pain,

Strength for the day, and joy that remains;

So if Satan tries bringing you hurt & defeat,

Remind him your Saviour makes you complete.

His grace is much greater than silver or gold,

Its blessings are so beautiful to behold;

To look on His grace is a work of art,

That will amaze & wonder your human heart.

His grace is much greater than any action or deed,

Stronger & sweeter than anything you might need;

He thinks on you daily with His righteous heart,

Bestows on you riches that never depart.

His grace is much greater than anything on your mind,

It gives sweeter peace than you will ever find;

So leave your heart in the midst of His hands,

He’ll handle what you do & don’t understand!

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