For You

When we make sacrifices for others, we only do what Christ has already done for us.
There is a moving story of the artist Steinberg and a gypsy girl. Struck with her beauty, Steinberg took this young woman to his studio and frequently had her sit for him. At that time he was at work on his masterpiece “Christ on the Cross.” The girl used to watch him work on this painting. One day she said to him, “He must have been a very wicked man to be nailed to a cross like that.” “No,” said the painter. “On the contrary, he was a very good man. The best man who ever lived. He died for others.” The little girl looked up at him and asked, “Did he die for you?” Steinberg was not a Christian, but the gypsy girl’s question touched his heart and awakened his conscience, and eventually he became a believer.
The sacrifice that Christ made for us has moved millions through the centuries. Has it moved you? Then you don’t mind me saying that we have a responsibility for one another. And sometime that responsibility may require a great sacrifice on our part.

Loving God, thank you for my savior who has given me a way to know of your love. In Jesus name, Amen.
Ron Newhouse

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