Tuesday With Karen

IMG_0931Trinity Church Wall St. NY. Built 1846; they kept the doors open so people could come in, say a little prayer or just cool off.

by Karen Icenhour

Walking In His Steps

Walking in His steps, our steps will be defined

He will lead us in our heart, soul, and mind;

Giving us direction with every step we take,

His love & care on us, He will never forsake.

Walking in His steps, we’ll see which way to go,

Answers to our questions, we will quickly know;

God says for us to ask, trust, and believe,

Then the blessing to that prayer we’ll receive.

Walking in His steps, life will be blessed with grace,

Things that come along are much easier to face;

Keeping our eyes on Him, our hand in His hand,

Makes life better to live and understand.

Walking in His steps will keep us close to His heart,

In sweet fellowship, He comes where we are;

When in His steps, we choose to live and walk,

It makes such a difference in how we act & talk!

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