Tuesday With Karen

From Karen’s daughter:  Keep my momma in your prayers Tomorrow as she goes for her 5th and next to last chemo treatment. I know you are tired and it’s wearing on your body , you are very strong and almost at the end of them. Lord please touch her body to handle the treatment and her mind for peace. Touch the medical staff that will be with her tomorrow too. We love you and are praying with you and for you Mama . by Karen Icenhour

What A Saviour

What a Saviour is mine, so righteous to adore,

What a blessing I have to know Him as Lord;

He gave His life & shed His blood for my sin,

Providing the pathway of salvation to Him!

What a Saviour, to know Him as Overseer,

To know He really cares, & is always near;

He keeps every promise His word proclaimed,

For that’s how it is with His glorious name!

What a Saviour, who hung upon Calvary’s cross,

So I might know salvation & never be lost;

He paid the price of every sin or need,

When He shed His blood on the rugged tree!

What a Saviour, who gives us His mercy & grace,

God uses Him to put all good things in place;

It won’t be long before He splits the Eastern sky,

Then we can say, “Oh, what a Saviour is mine!”


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