Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

IMG_1121Darkness Isn’t Good

Darkness isn’t good, whenever it takes place,

It causes men to panic in every type of way;

But when light shines, however small it may be,

It helps our vision and ability to see!

Darkness isn’t good, it makes the heart beat fast,

Causing us to wonder how long it’s going to last;

We see when the Son Light comes shining through,

Then He gives peace & comfort everything we do!

Darkness isn’t good, our world is filled to the brim,

The Light of the world needs to shine brightly by Him;

He fills us with Himself the minute we get saved,

It’s up to us to show others the Godly way!

Darkness isn’t good, it’s when the devil does his work,

Trying in so many ways to bring us defeat & hurt;

But the Son Light from Heaven is so sweet indeed,

Bringing comfort, love & joy, He meets our every need!

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