Tuesday With Karen


by Karen Icenhour

A Touch From The Master

A touch from the Master changes so many things,

It causes our heart to joyfully shout & sing;

His hand calms the wildest raging sea,

And at the same time, meets our every need!

A touch from the Master binds a hurt heart together,

Assuring the soul all things will be better;

All things that we may not understand,

Are managed so well when placed in His hands!

A touch from the Master freshens our soul by His grace,

Relieving our burden, only His love can replace;

He keeps His promise, that we’re never alone,

Giving us all the strength we need to go on!

A touch from the Master creates sweet peace within,

Fulfilling our life, as He forgives our sin;

Our heart is rescued from much hurt & disaster,

When we seek for a Godly touch from the Master!

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