Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

God Is So Much Wiser

God is so much wiser than the smartest PhD,

He has the answer to all our questions or needs;

When there’s a trouble in the midst of our heart,
He comes down & meets us right where we are! 
God is so much wiser than the richest millionaire,
He gives us wisdom by the simple word of prayer;
He holds the wealth of the world in His hand,
At the same time, He helps His children stand!
God is so much wiser than a nation’s head of state,
There’s nothing God does that ever needs debate;
The only thing God will ever hide or cover up,
Is all our sins once they’re under the blood!
In all that happens, God is so much wiser,
His thoughts over ours are very much higher;
Yet He loves us enough to hear all our cries,
How sweet to worship the King from on High!