Tuesday With Karen

by  Karen Icenhour

America Needs God
America needs God to come within her midst again,
We need His favor & forgiveness from our great sin;
Our founders had much prayer, following their faith,
Now our leader says we’re not even Christian today!
America needs God now, more than ever before,
It’s been a downhill spiral since not obeying the Lord;
We’ll see a coach fired for leading his team in prayer,
But Muslims brag of murder, and no one even cares!
America needs God to put prayer back in our schools,
When it was taken out, we became ignorant fools;
Same sex marriage is promoted as quite fine,
Black lives matter, race wars, show we’ve lost our mind!
America needs God to reach down & touch our land,
Convicting men of sin, so we might follow His hand;
We are a Christian nation, needing to seek God’s face,
Nothing is too great to be healed by God’s grace!


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