It’s The Little Things

by Meagan Davis

Details, Details

Confession time. I don’t have it all together. I just don’t. I struggle in my life. I have sin issues. I have fights with my siblings and parents. I have friend problems. I get completely overwhelmed and stressed out.
I am a sinner.
But I know Someone great. I know Someone who is bigger, better, best. I know Someone perfect. I don’t have it all together, but God does.
You know what? He is just awesome. He doesn’t sin. He doesn’t argue. He doesn’t stress. He’s just got it all together. And not just the things that you might think concern Him because the things that concern Him are the things that concern you. He loves you. He’s a God of the details.
I’ve been recently reading in Exodus, and I just got to the Ten Commandments and all the other laws. Good grief! Talk about meticulous. To think that the Israelites had to do all that. Talk about stressing out. But God didn’t. The details matter to Him. He had all his ducks in a row so to speak. He knew exactly what His plan was. And one day, He would do away with these laws by paying the ultimate sacrifice Himself.
You see, He had a purpose. He had a plan for all these little details, and He has a plan for all the little details of your life. When it seems like you’re falling apart and you don’t know what to do, run to the God who is in charge of and cares about all of those little details. He won’t let you down.

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