Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

Only His Hand
Only His hand can paint beauty upon the skies,
So gorgeous to see with a glimpse from the eye;
Every sunrise and sunset is wonderfully refined,
No artist on earth can match His awesome design!
Only His hand can keep one from the door of death,
His touch will allow one to continue with breath;
Our chances to make it might be one out of ten,
All that really matters is how it’s handled by Him!
Only His hand can get a broken heart repaired,
By whispering to us with comfort, love, and care;
Whatever the size our trial or burden may be,
He felt all our hurts ’til He was thirty three!
Only His hand can keep this old world together,
In all that goes bad, His word makes it better;
He pours out His grace above all we understand,
We’re so very blessed to be cared for His hand!