Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

Nothing Takes Him By Surprise

Nothing astounds the Lord, anything to come along,

He knows it from first to last, every right & wrong;

Every circumstance is monitored by His hand,

Even things our human mind can’t understand!

Nothing amazes the Lord, any event to take place,

It’s all controlled by His precious mercy & grace;

His wise eye stays upon us in our daily life,

Thank God for One who always hears our cries!

Nothing startles the Lord, situations great or small,

He has the right solution & answer to it all;

When we learn to seek His wisdom & advice,

Then we’ll see a special blessing on our life!

Nothing alarms the Lord, anything coming to pass,

He is all knowing, in even how long events last;

We may be in awe by things happening in life,

Thank the Lord, nothing takes Him by surprise!

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