Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

The Tomb He Borrowed

Jesus Christ came forth to live among men,

Knowing His life would pay the price for sin;

He knew it, but He came down, anyway,

For His heart longs for all souls to be saved!

He shed His blood upon Calvary’s rugged tree,

It would be all man, for salvation, would need;

Even when He said, “It is finished” back then,

It would in no way, mean it was the end!

The tomb He borrowed, He didn’t need long,

“He Lives!” would soon be a brand new song;

The stone wasn’t strong enough to hold Him in,

He arose victorious over death, Hell, & sin!

The tomb He borrowed is still empty today,

A beautiful picture of God’s love & grace;

Three days is all Jesus needed it for,

He is our risen, living, Victorious Lord!


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