Tuesday With Karen


It’s Only By God’s Hand

It’s only by God’s hand, circumstances get better

Knowing Him Master is how things will stay together;

For we must seek Him, earnestly asking His lead,

Then He will lovingly supply to us every need.

It’s only by God’s hand, we’re led in the right direction,

He guides by teaching, in love makes corrections;

He always has strength when we’re weak & frail,

In every situation, God’s leadership prevails!

It’s only by God’s hand, victory is ours to proclaim,

He brings things to pass words cannot explain;

We will see sights that leave our heart in awe,

But we’ll know it’s the hand of God we just saw!

It’s only by God’s hand, things turn out as they should,

For He is the Author of all holy, righteous, & good;

When our heart allows Him to lead & command,

What rich blessings we’ll see, only by God’s hand

Written after I tried to explain to Sharon

about the 2 trees struck by lightning.

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