Tuesday With Karen

It’s so nice to know, that even if others don’t see our tears, God does!  KI


God Sees Our Tears

God sees our tears, as they fall in great sorrow,

He knows our need, even before tomorrow;

His love knows when we’re broken by grief,

The touch of His hand is able to give us relief!

God sees our tears, every single one He views,

His loving kindness always carries us through;

No one else may see our tears when they fall,

But God’s ears are open, hearing when we call!

God sees our tears, when we are falling apart,

He knows how we feel, with that broken heart;

He knows what we need, before it takes place,

We don’t need to worry, but trust in His grace!

God sees our tears, dries them with His hand,

As things come along, we don’t understand;

He never forsakes us, and stays ever near,

What a blessing to know, God sees our tears!

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