Tuesday With Karen

A Mother’s Love
A Mother’s love is a special thing to feel,
No matter what takes place, it remains real;
Even if she’s troubled by a child’s acts or words,
She still knows how to love, even when she’s hurt!
by Karen Icenhour
A Mother’s love overlooks the fault of her child,
Even with shortcomings, she can still smile;
Her love continues in the midst of all she finds,
Even in their weakness, she still says “They’re mine.”
A Mother’s love is true, from the depth of the heart,
In imperfect weakness, she loves us how we are;
She teaches right from wrong, & living as we should,
When we’re naughty, she guides us in being good!
The love of a Mother is precious to know & possess,
It’s her love that always tends to us the best;
We need to be careful our respect is displayed,
For Mother can see & hear all we do & say!
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