Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

The Beauty Of God’s Hand

The beauty of God’s hand is seen in so many ways,
From sunrise to the sunset, the rainbow after the rain;
The moon & stars in the night allow His glory to shine,
There’s nothing more beautiful than His work divine.

The beauty of God’s hand is heard by the birds who sing,
They cause the valleys & mt. tops to have a glorious ring;
From the smallest creature to the mighty & great,
It shows His sweet majesty in all that He creates.

The beauty of God’s hand is seen in the ocean’s roll,
Also with the winds and waves He so wisely controls;
From tidal waves at night to the shells upon the beach,
Everything from His hand is so glorious to see.

The beauty of God’s hand is moving in our life everyday,
He always leads & guides every step on the path we take;
There is nothing more precious or gracious in man,
Than the glory we see in the beauty of God’s hand!

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