Today is another day that I’m looking forward to meeting in the “House of the Lord.

Where else would I want to be on a Sunday?

I’m so grateful to my parents who raised me to be faithful to attend church each week.

There was NEVER a lingering question, “Are we going to go to church today?” It was simply understood and mentally placed on our “to-do list” just like you planned to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner.

You have to wonder if Christians really “delight” in worshiping and serving the Lord.

When baseball or a TV program or sleeping in takes first place over going to the House of the Lord to worship, then I think NOT that they truly “delight in the Lord.

The verb delight means to “please someone greatly,”  “to take great pleasure in,” “to give joy or satisfaction to.

You see, Psalms 37:4 makes it clear that we’ll be blessed when we have such a determination to please the Lord.  When we’re more concerned about pleasing Him, we’ll walk according to His commandments.  When we LOVE the Lord Jesus, we’ll obey His Word.  And of course, that brings blessings when we have such a walk with the Lord.

The desires of our heart changes as well…

Sometimes we interpret that God will give us ALL the DESIRES of our heart if we’re trying to do right; however, I believe the closer we delight in pleasing the Lord, our desires become more inSYNC with His desires.  We’re not thinking about a diamond ring or a brand new luxury car…we’re desiring to have what God wants for us.

Yes, God also delights in giving us those “little things” that brings us joy, so please do not misunderstand me.  We are human and have earthly needs and desires.  We won’t make it very far without shelter, food, water, clothing, etc.  And I also believe that our Heavenly Father delights in giving us those extra things that we enjoy, but let’s be more generous today….

Let’s give MORE to our Heavenly Father of ourselves and our time.  Let’s truly take pleasure in serving the Lord….it’s a privilege and we OWE it to Him for all that He did to give us Salvation.

God bless your week ahead,

Rhonda White



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