Tuesday With Karen

He watches over us daily with His eyes of love…I wonder why we ever worry at all?  by Karen Icenhour
Why Should We Worry?
Why should we worry, when the stormy winds blow?
The Master of the Sea is with us where we go;
If the storms of life rage, He says, “Peace, be still,”
He’ll never forsake us, but make our life fulfilled!
Why should we worry, if our heart gets betrayed?
The Lord is our Friend, in darkest of night & day;
He is faithful and true, His child, He never leaves,
Every promise He makes is very safe to believe!
Why should we worry, if a friend or family goes Home?
The Comforter will always give grace to carry on;
Our heart will be hurting by one we’ll miss so much,
It’s then we will feel the sweetness of His touch!
Why should we worry, or fret over anything?
Our needs are met by the Lord, the King of Kings;
He watches over us daily, with His loving care,
Hears every word, when we cry to Him in prayer!


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