Resting in a Trustworthy God

If we’re honest, we would probably admit we’ve had moments when we’ve thought the promises in the Bible were written for someone else. It can be tough to lean back into God’s arms in total trust when we’ve just been handed a cancer diagnosis, been denied by an insurance carrier, or been told we’re about to lose a foot or leg to diabetes. In moments of pain and suffering, we live in the tension of who we believe God to be and who He appears to be if we use circumstances to define Him.

We can learn much from Joseph in Gen. 37-50. He believed God was good and loving, yet circumstances seemed to indicate the opposite. One after another, the good things in Joseph’s life were stripped away: his freedom, his reputation, his family. He lived for years with no visible evidence that God was working out things “for his good.” Yet Joseph held firmly to faith in a loving God. Why?

Joseph’s faith was rooted in his commitment to truth, not in what he could see. He believed in a trustworthy God whose faithfulness was greater than his circumstances suggested. He believed God sovereignly intervened in the course of human history; therefore, he trusted Him. Joseph—like us—lived much of his life in the tension of experiences that didn’t seem to match up with God’s promises. Yet he clung unswervingly to his faith.

Trials are a certainty of life, but they don’t have the power to control us when our faith rests in the character of a trustworthy God who promises that through His Son, Jesus Christ, we will triumph in all things.