Tuesday With Karen


A Psalm For Today

Lord, I’m weary from groaning, my soul is tossed to & fro,

My heart is waiting to be shown which way to go;

“Be still & know I am God” are such sweet words to hear,

Thank you, Lord, for reminding me your presence is so near!

Lord, I’ve been burdened & upset over the last few days,

Every time I long to praise you, the enemy gets in the way;

“Let not your heart be troubled” gives comfort when He speaks,

Thank you, Lord, for keeping me in your hand when I’m weak!

Lord, I’ve cried tears no one else but you have seen,

Fellowshipped with you on nights I couldn’t sleep;

“But my God shall supply all your needs” is still true today.

Thank you, Lord, for always knowing the right thing to say!

Lord, I adore you for leading my life in everything,

For giving me the reason to lift up my head & sing;

“For He knoweth for frame, remembers we’re but dust,”

He loves & cares anyway, for that’s just His way with us!

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