Special Father’s Day

by Karen Icenhour

A Father’s Role

A father is the leader of the family God gives to him,

Just to have that role is a great honor deep within;

He spends every day to care for, love, & guide;

With his heart finding a sweet sense of pride inside!

A father watches over the things his family needs,

He is there at all times, our safety to oversee;

Working hard each day is one thing he will do,

Because of the deep love he has for me & you!

A father instructs us in the path we ought to walk,

He teaches right & wrong in the way we should talk;

God gives wisdom in the care he needs to provide,

For the ones He blesses into his heart & life!

A father protects us in every possible way,

In strength & love, our family he will embrace;

Yes, father does many different things for us,

And he deserves our heart’s loyalty & trust!

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