Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

Praise Ye The Lord

Praise ye the Lord, for all of His wondrous acts,

For the Shelter He becomes when the devil attacks;

His excellent greatness is so awesome to behold,

Having Him within our heart is so precious to know!

Praise ye the Lord, from the valley to Heaven above,

In His holy sanctuary, where He displays His love;

The firmament of His power has so much to say;

From the stars of Light, to the Son shining each day!

Praise ye the Lord, in union with all His hosts,

Seek His holy face, listen to the Holy Ghost;

He is there beside us, in every step we take,

Not one time does He run out of mercy & grace!

We thank Thee for being the mighty God you are,

The Shepherd of us all, & keeper of our heart;

We love you for the many things You’ve done,

Thanks in advance for the blessings yet to come!


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