Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

God Has Been So Good
God has been so good, by the gift of His holy word,
He has given us more than we ever deserve;
We can stand firm on every word He has spoken,
For there is not one promise He has ever broken.
God has been so good, the Shelter where we abide,
When we need a Friend, He listens to us confide;
He will never leave us forsaken or alone,
His word is a firm Rock we can stand upon!
God has been so good, & blesses us by His love,
He is never too busy to hear our cries from above;
The privilege of prayer is a gift He has given,
How precious to know He hears us from Heaven!
God has been so good, & will be day after day,
We need to trust His leadership always;
He’ll give us wisdom in things great & small,
And He has the wisest answer to it all!
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