Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

He Could Have

He could have stayed on His throne of glory,
When it became time for salvation’s story;
But Jesus chose to go by virgin birth,
When God needed a sacrifice for the sin of earth.

He could have refused to dwell among men,
That He might become their Comforter & Friend;
But He lived there with them to love and heal,
And to be part of God’s perfect, holy will.

He could have just sent our souls all to Hell,
Rejecting the rugged cross with those cruel nails;
But He loved all His children to death,
When He spoke “It is finished” with His last breath.

He could have done many things back then,
When it was time to pay the ultimate price for sin;
But Christ shed His own blood for us to be saved,
And it still has the same cleansing power today!

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