Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

When There’s No Way Out

When there’s no way out, regarding all you face,

It’s then you’re sure to see God’s glory by His grace;

Man may tell you there’s no reason to even hope,

But it’s God who says how things will really go!

When there’s no way out, God has a different plan,

For nothing is impossible that’s done by His hand;

God’s says, “All things work together for good,”

When it’s in His will, it will happen as it should!

When there’s no way out, in what your life brings along,

When its pathway leaves little strength to carry on;

In the toughest times is when God moves the best,

And He has the solution to every trial & test!

When there’s no way out, God knows exactly what to do,

There’s nothing His wisdom cannot bring you through;

So, when the devil tries to fill you with worry & doubt,

Remind him God’s power is very able to lead you out.

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