Tuesday With Karen

We might grow tired & weary, but we just need to keep on doing right!
by Karen Icenhour
Keep On Doing Right
Keep on doing right, even if things go wrong,
If you become weak, His love makes you strong;
The storms may be more than you’ve ever seen,
Cry out to Him, He’s still the Master of the Sea!
Keep on doing right, if trials invade your space,
Nothing will happen greater than God’s grace;
He has the answer, even before the request,
We only need to ask if we’re put to the test!
Keep on doing right, in the midst of all strife,
He’s the One who walks with us in this life;
He’s in our heart, beside us, His Spirit stays,
Good reasons to keep on living the right way!
Keep on doing right, your testimony will shine,
People will expect more from your heart & mind;
Be not weary in well doing, give it all you’ve got,
For in due season, we’ll reap, if we just faint not!


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