Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

When Man Says “No Way”!

When man says ‘no way’, God has a different view,

There’s nothing at all His strong hand can’t do;

If we become upset by tough things taking place,

He can meet our needs with His mercy & grace!

When man says ‘no way’, God has an alternate plan,

There’s not one thing He can’t manage by His hand;

Man might have have limits on all he performs,

But to God, there’s nothing “out of the norm!”

When man says ‘no way’, God has ability to display,

Seeing His work brings our heart song & praise;

He has never found anything frustrating or hard,

For He can do all things, awesome & large!

When man says ‘no way’, God has much care to show,

Shielding us from harm, with blessings to bestow;

Doubtful man may not believe as he says ‘no way’,

All things are possible when we call on God’s name!

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