Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

PTL!! His touch is all I need for enough strength! KI

The Lord Keeps Me Strong

The Lord keeps me strong, if my steps get weak within,

The blessing of my strength comes directly from Him;

Sometimes He carries me across the rugged way,

And I know He hears my heart anytime I pray!

The Lord keeps me strong, in all burdens & trials,

The sweet peace He gives is lasting & worthwhile;

He stays right beside me, never leaves me alone,

His hand is what helps me keep going on!

The Lord keeps me strong, if I truly seek His face,

He meets every need by pouring out His grace;

His hand puts a special touch upon my life,

His mercy & love is what makes things right!

The Lord keeps me strong, like no one else can do,

The strength of His love always leads me through;

He keeps my feet upon the path where they belong,

In the midst of it all, the Lord keeps me strong!



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