Tuesday With Karen

Even in our darkest day, God is still leading the way! KI

If We Give It To God

If we give it to God, putting it in His hands,
We’ll see Him work in ways we can’t understand;
His sweet breath will whisper, “Peace, be still,”
When we’re in the center of God’s perfect will!

If we give it to God, He knows just what to do,
There’s nothing His love won’t lead us through;
We worry much less when we give it all to Him,
Not only is He God, but also a faithful Friend!

If we give it to God, His hand is mighty strong,
His touch has a way to make right from wrong;
He’s never alarmed by things that take place,
But each day a new, He supplies us with grace!

Our load will be lighter if we give it to God,
He keeps His promise, His word changes not;
Anytime we may have a heartache or care,
He’s ready to listen when we cry in prayer!