Tuesday With Karen

America Needs God Again
America needs God to show the way again,
To rescue her out of a horrible life of sin;
He uses men to lead in the right direction,
Oh, how we need His guidance & affection!!
America needs God now, more than ever before,
We long for His wisdom as our Advisor and Lord;
We need Him to lead our steps as we daily live,
Our errors & mistakes, we need Him to forgive!
America needs God to make her well by His hand,
We need His blessing to again be upon our land;
We long for our leaders to stand on God’s word,
So the work they do is for our good, not our hurt!
Oh God, we pray You’ll come upon us once again,
Cleanse us from this evil, beginning from within;
The only way You’ll forgive us of our sin & shame,
God, help America again to call upon Your name!