Tuesday With Karen


by Karen Icenhour

He Thinks of His Children

He thinks of His children, when He lets the sun rise,

Watching o’er us daily, more than we ever realize;

Serving the Lord is a sweet, Godly choice

Even the birds in the sky know to sing & rejoice!

He thinks of His children, every minute of every day,

There is not one second He thinks of walking way;

Sin might betray us & make the devil smile,

The Lord is still loving & leading us all the while!

He thinks of His children, when He hears our prayers,

Just to know He listens shows His gracious care;

When we see His answers, however great or small,

The Lord is never too busy to hear us when we call!

He thinks of His children, giving peace that remains,

Caring for us each day, in ways words can’t explain;

Praise Him for His grace, it forgives our every sin,

We don’t have to worry about being loved by Him

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