Tuesday With Karen


by Karen Icenhour

When This Life Gets Hard

When this life gets hard, God will always be there,

Nurturing us with His tender love & care;

He’s the Bread of Life, feeding the hungry soul,

Everything will be alright when He’s in control!

When this life gets hard, He’ll give us strength to stand,

He doesn’t make us walk without giving us His hand;

When He was on earth, His burdens & trials were real,

As Lily of the Valley, He knows just what we feel!

When this life gets hard, God sees it taking place,

And He never makes us do without His grace;

The First & Last, He cares for His every child,

Faithful & true is God’s great, awesome style!

When this life gets hard, place it in God’s able hands,

He can manage all things by only His command;

So if troubles & trials in life may come along,

Give it to God, & your heart will never go wrong!

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