Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

Every Step Of The Way
 Every step of the way, the Lord is there to lead,
 He stays right beside us, meeting our every need;
 He carries us within His strong & able grace,
 Answering our prayers, if we just seek His face!
 Every step of the way, He is holding our hand,
 When we get weary, He helps His children stand;
 Even when He sees us with much heartache & pain,
 His love and mercy will give us joy that remains!
 Every step of the way, He sees the choices we make,
 He’ll also forgive us, when we make bad mistakes;
 When Jesus’ crimson blood covers our heart’s sins,
 He never reminds us of them one more time again!
 Every step of the way, He will be there to abide,
 If we need love & comfort, He’s there to reside;
 He protects us as we walk life’s path each day,
 And we need to trust Him every step of the way!