Tuesday With Karen


by Karen Icenhour

God Knows Where We Are
God knows where we are, when our heart has been hurt,
He is there beside us, healing us with His word;
He knows our full name when He wants to speak,
Giving our spirit strength when we are so weak!
He knows where we are, when we need His sweet touch,
His love is always there, when we need it so much;
He has the right answer, if we only ask, “Why?”
He listens to us pray, even if we just cry!
He knows where we are, when we go the wrong way,
He walks beside us when we fall & make mistakes;
His wisdom will guide us on the straight, narrow path,
And His care will lead us, not anger or wrath!
He knows where we are, watching us from above,
Pouring upon us daily His sweet mercy and love;
He never forsakes us, or refuses to hear our heart,
Oh what a blessing, He knows right where we are!
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