Autographed Bible

Walk down memory lane, this is an old repost from 2008.

I went to a Bible study Tuesday morning at 6:00 a.m., but I didn’t bring my Bible, no worry I was in Ricky’s office, so I pulled a Bible off a shelf.  The Bible I was reading from was a Bible he received as a gift back in the 80’s.  As we sat and talked about the lesson, I found myself flipping through his old Bible.  There were still notes on small pieces of paper tucked in between the pages, some about sermons, some about small talk.  One of the thing that brought back good memories to me was in the front of the Bible was autographs of preachers that he had heard back in the day.  Maze Jackson, Jim Rushing, Lee Robertson, it looked like a hall of fame of God’s preachers of yesterday.

One of the guys seemed a little amused that Ricky had autographs of preachers in his Bible.  I said that we had tried to instill the hero idea in the minds of the young people at Church. After all wasn’t these men the real heroes of our time, coming into a Church that was falling under the pressures of the world, and pointing us back to the One who created that very world.  I call them heroes and God dedicated a whole chapter in the Bible to people who took a stand for Him. Hebrews 11.

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