Tuesday With Karen


God’s grace is always good, no matter what we face! PTL!!  KI

God’s Grace Is Always Good


God’s grace is always good, in whatever we face,

The sweet peace He gives cannot be replaced;

Even if we’re in the lowest valley of all,

The Comforter still hears, anytime we call!


God’s grace is always good, from beginning to end,

He stays close beside us, as our Faithful Friend;

From the day of our birth, to the very last breath,

God is the One who chooses the day of our death!


God’s grace is always good, giving us much strength,

He helps us carry on, even if days are at length;

He hears when we cry, whether it be day or night,

Showing us the right way, as our guiding Light!


God’s grace is always good, & it has always been,

Our heart is very wise if we just trust in Him;

It doesn’t matter what we’re given to face,

Nothing is too big for God’s amazing grace!


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