Tuesday With Karen


He Sees

He sees every tear I cry when my heart is feeling grief,

I know the touch of His hand alone is what brings relief;

When I have thoughts within that make me ashamed,

I take comfort to know He understands my frame.

He sees the broken pieces deep inside my heart,

He can repair it all, right down to the tiniest part;

Even when I’ve been wounded by family or friends,

The Comforter gives grace & love that never ends.

He sees every storm that ever comes upon my life,

Every wind & wave that passes by, in the darkest night;

He is still the Master of the Sea, like in Bible days,

When He says, “Peace, be still”, that storm will still obey.

He sees all that happens from His holy throne above,

Reaching down so often to hold me close in His love;

So, when the devil tries to bring me heartache & defeat,

The Lord reminds me there’s nothing He doesn’t see!


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