Tuesday With Karen

searchby Karen Icenhour

Peace Among Our Pieces

There’s peace among our pieces, however great or small,

In all that takes place, He’s still Lord of all;

If storms are blowing in from every way,

“Peace, be still” are words He can sweetly say!

There’s peace among our pieces, deep down within our heart,

His hand remolds us with love that never departs;

He’s walking with us through all we will face,

Leading the right way as He pours out His grace!

There’s peace among our pieces, in everything we’ll see,

The Bread of Life from Heaven still meets every need;

He knows every step our feet will ever take,

God’s word promises He’ll be there all the way!

There’s peace among our pieces, given by our loving Lord,

He’s the Giver of Peace, & will be forevermore;

When we’re in the midst of what we can’t understand,

Sweet peace is ours to know He is still in command!

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