Tuesday With Karen

Christ Is The Answer
Christ is the Answer to any question we ask,
He’s the perfect Son of God, the First & the Last;
He died on Calvary’s cross to cover all our sin,
The blood He shed back then is still saving men!
Christ is the Answer for any storm that rages,
The peace we’re given is by the Rock of Ages;
He’s the solution to anything we may face,
Always providing more than enough grace!
Christ is the Answer to all that’s done right,
Comforter, Teacher, also our Guiding Light;
He came to this earth to live as a man,
So, our emotions, He fully understands!
Christ is the Answer to all we’ll see this year,
He hears if we pray, to Him, drawing near;
He rules by awesome wisdom from on High,
Taking time to listen when His children cry!

**1st one of 2020!