Tuesday With Karen

This is the prayer my heart has for America.
In Him, Karen Icenhour
Oh God, Heal America
Oh God, heal America, we need the touch of Thy hand,
You’re the One who changes what we need in our land;
She has made bad decisions, there’s surely no doubt,
The very worst one of all, is deciding to vote You out!
Oh God, we need prayer to come back in our schools,
Now kids bring guns & drugs, things considered ‘cool;’
When we prayed together, & asked for Your direction,
Our schools didn’t see sin doing this bad infection!
Oh God, America needs cleansing from deep inside,
We need You once again to come back in & abide;
Some people full of pride don’t feel there’s a need,
But we were founded upon Christian ways to see!
Oh God, heal America, she needs You back again,
We need Godly leaders to show direction within;
Oh God, we pray for ones who can stand attack,
Give them Your wisdom, we want America back!


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