Tuesday With Karen

Oh Lord, I Trust You

Oh Lord, I trust You, in every aspect of life,
Your hand will lead me in how to live right;
In all the times I don’t know what to do,
Thy wisdom & grace will carry me through!

Oh Lord, I trust You, with my complete heart,
I pray You’ll mold me to be just like You are;
I’ll have trials in this life, difficult to face,
Nothing is greater than Your mighty grace!

Oh Lord, I trust You, hold me in Your hands,
Give me Thy peace & strength for me stand;
Thank You for watching me daily from Above,
I praise You even more for Thy Godly love!

Oh Lord, I trust You, help me to seek Thy face,
And Your loving kindness, that can’t be replaced;
Your love & grace starts over in each day anew ,
Thank You in advance for all You’re going to do!