Tuesday With Karen

by Karen Icenhour

I’m glad the Potter never turns up the fire hotter than we can stand & always stands by our side! K.I.
 The Potter Has A Plan
The Potter has a plan, when He begins to mold our life,
He knows which way to go in making our spirit right;
When He molds us from upon His Godly wheel,
We will be guided in doing His righteous will!
The Potter has a plan, when He puts us inside the fire,
Knowing the exact degree to give us holy desire;
He never leaves us there longer than we can stand,
There’s no reason to worry when He’s in command!
The Potter has a plan, when He wants to give a design,
If we’ll trust Him in prayer, life will be just fine;
He has the answer to any trial or burden we have,
All we need to do is seek His holy face & ask!
The Potter has a plan, when He sees us seek His face,
Nothing at all is greater than God’s love & grace,
It’s a safe place to be, if He needs to shape our soul,
Within the Potter’s hands, He has perfect control!

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